Total ICF is Nudura’s authorized distributor for the Central Alberta area and is dedicated to helping you build easier and faster. By providing both supply and service for the ICF Professional, Total ICF delivers sustainable building solutions directly to your work site.

  1. Supply of materials allowing you to build faster and easier.
    Nudura’s innovative line of ICFs  come in all form types and sizes, and offer some very distinctive features. DuraLock technology securely locks the forms together. DuraFold hinges allows the products to be shipped flat. At 96″ x 18″, Nudura offers the largest ICF form in the industry. It’s 4 Way reversible system for forms and corners means there is very little waste. Learn more about Nudura products at
  2. Total ICF Inc Services
    Our services include clarification of pre-design criteria and design details. From take offs to delivery on site through to the completion of the project, we are dedicated to supporting the ICF professional.
    We offer basic installation training and manuals as well as certification of skills. The supply of technical information, specifications, product testing results, and code approvals are some of the things you can expect from us.
  3. We stock materials.
    We stock materials in our centrally located warehouse so we can quickly supply you with the materials you need. One of Nudura’s manufacturing facilities is conveniently located in Alberta which allows for fast turnaround of orders.
  4. Providing the equipment you need.
    You can count on Total ICF to have what you need to complete your ICF project. Whether you choose to rent or purchase we can supply bracing, Zont Systems, vibrators, and rebar bending equipment. We can also supply, through rentals, Nudura’s One Series formwork/jig.