How to Build a Home Faster with Insulated Concrete Forms

There is no virtually no scenario where buyers and stakeholders don’t want a property built as fast as possible. Real estate investors want to open the tap to their monthly revenue stream. Municipal bodies don’t want a perpetual construction site upsetting residents and commercial interests. Homeowners want to take occupancy. Timeliness is godliness in construction.

As a builder, one key competitive advantage is found in being able to quote a quick turnaround time, and be able to stick to it. However, as you know, traditional construction practices often present problems that make expected dates of completion seem like an arbitrary assumption. But there’s a solution – insulated concrete forms. Let’s find out why.

5 Reasons Why Insulated Concrete Forms Can Help You Build a Property Faster

1. Ready-Built for Immediate Construction

We hesitate to use LEGO as an analogy here, but it suffices to give you an idea of how ICF functions like building blocks. Insulated concrete forms are expanded polystyrene (EPS) forms that stack like blocks with a steel rebar inside. Once assembled, concrete is poured into the block’s hollow core and walls are instantaneously constructed. ICFs are either shaped into pre-formed interlocking blocks or they come as separate panels connected with plastic ties. Total ICF uses NURURA products, which include NUDURA’s patented hinged folding webs and interlocking strips and clip accessories. This further serves to make installation fast and easy.

2. Lighter Equals Faster

You may assume that working with concrete over wood panel installation would result in a heavier load and thus require more energy expenditure from your labour, but the genius of insulated concrete forms is that while they are extremely sturdy, the blocks and forms are lightweight. This allows handlers to whisk through the installation quickly, more so than practically any other form of construction.

3. Shorter Learning Curve for Builders

If you’re new to the use of ICF you may be concerned about the learning curve. Thankfully, you have nothing to fret over. Building with insulated concrete forms is extremely intuitive, but that’s not the half of it. When working with Total ICF, you gain immediate access to NUDURA ICF Installation training programs which will streamline the education process and have you on your way to becoming an ICF professional in no time at all.

4. Shorter Learning Curve for Subcontractors

With ICF training under your belt, you’ll be able to pass knowledge on to your subcontractors with ease. But even this is likely not necessary. Subcontractors joining the construction process after concrete has been poured will appreciate the ease of which ICF allows them to complete their end of the job. For instance, chases for installation of mechanical systems can be cut with a knife or saw into ICF panels with little effort. Drywall fastening and lap siding is also accelerated. If a subcontractor identifies adjustments and corrections that need to be made at any point in the process action can be taken. An opening in ICF panels can be sawed out and re-formed without setting back the schedule.

5. Less Susceptible to Damage (and thus setbacks) During the Construction Process

Another big on-site advantage of ICF is the strength and sturdiness of the build in-progress. Insulated concrete forms are load bearing, providing unmatched strength and durability. When a traditionally built home is in the building phase, it is susceptible to all sorts of damage. All that it may take is a passing Alberta tornado or hurricane to impact your site and have you starting from scratch. But ICF forms on the other hand, are ready to take the brunt of storms, vandalism, and site accidents alike, right from the moment the foundation is laid. Another construction site concern that can set your project way back is fire. But because ICF EPS foam does not support combustion you immediately abate the risk. Without the impending threat of natural or human error damage you know that you will be able to complete your build on the timeline provided to your clients.

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