Cleaner Construction Site Using ICF

There are many benefits to using insulated concrete forms (ICF) in construction. From being a superior green-building alternative to a residential pest control solution ICF is leading the way in Alberta construction for residential, commercial, and municipal properties alike. Another big plus to using ICF is that it helps with construction site upkeep. From both a site safety and community relations standpoint, cleanliness is godliness. Builders want to do all that they can to maintain a literal and publicly facing clean scene throughout the duration of their build. Today we look at why ICF is your best bet to accomplish this task.

7 Reasons Why ICF Helps You Maintain a Cleaner Construction Site

1. Faster Construction Results in Less Accumulation

One of the biggest benefits of ICF construction is turnaround time. Because the forms and blocks used in the process are ready-built, lighter, and offer a shorter learning curve for labour and subcontractors (among other reasons) your project is more likely to be completed on the quoted date. The quicker the construction to completion, the less potential there is for waste accumulation.

2. Less Susceptible to Damage

ICF construction is the method (and material) of choice for homes built in areas susceptible to hurricanes, tornadoes, and other damaging storms. This is a testament to the strength of insulated concrete forms. If your core building material is able to withstand winds of up to 402 kph (250 mph) all of the bumps and bruises that can occur on a daily basis on a construction site mean nothing. Opportunity for on-site damage is greatly reduced, which minimizes the waste that can be attributed to many forms of harm, including vandalism or any type of accidental destruction.

3. Minimal Packaging and Shipping Material

ICF construction minimizes waste right from the get-go. Because these pre-set forms require minimal packaging and their inherent strength negates the need for excessive shipping material the forms and blocks that arrive at your site do so with little litter and debris to contend with.

4. Fewer Pieces

There are fewer literal “moving parts” and pieces involved in ICF construction. In traditional construction, your site is littered with wood panels, bolts, screws, nails, wire, cables, saws and cutters. In ICF building, the same may apply, but the number of pieces and appendages is significantly reduced. Once again we see an immediate reduction in waste and a notably cleaner construction site.

5. Less Labour Equals Less Potential for Mess

The same attributes that make ICF construction one of the fastest forms of building also make it less labour intensive. As mentioned, the blocks and forms are practically ready-made, lightweight, and less vulnerable to damage. In addition, thanks in part to the availability of comprehensive training programs for local builders, the learning curve is a virtual flatline. All of this together results in a reduction of labour requirements. With minimal on-site labour clogging up the site, the potential for construction crew clutter drops off significantly.

6. Allows for Waste-Free Alterations and Adjustments in the Construction Process

In traditional building, an error in placement can result in a tear down and reconstruction that leaves a mess of strewn about material waste. In ICF building, corrections can be made at any point in the process and done so without significantly impacting the whole. An opening can be sawed out and re-formed quickly without creating scrap.

7. Rental Opportunities Can be Cleaner than Ownership

Another benefit of building with ICF (in Alberta, with Total ICF) is that you have the option to rent (versus purchase) complementary construction items such as bracing, Zont Systems, vibrators, and rebar bending equipment. These items can be delivered and picked up when needed, which further reduces the potential for excess on the construction site, keeping it cleaner and more efficient through the entire building process. In addition, when labour knows that they are working with rented equipment they are even more likely to exercise caution.

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