Insulated Concrete Form News

ICF is heating up at the tail end of the summer of 2016. Don’t worry, your favourite construction blocks are maintaining their thermal resistance. When we say “heating up”, we’re talking about ICF claiming headlines in the news from around the world. The wave of use of insulated concrete forms in Alberta construction is certainly no fad. From Canada to the U.S. and from the UK to Australia builders are looking to ICF for all of its benefits in residential and commercial construction alike. Today, we take a look at recent news regarding insulated concrete forms to provide some insight into how it can benefit your up and coming development.

Recent Headlines About ICF Construction and How it Can Benefit Your Next Build

Insulated Concrete Form Market Size to Approach $1 Billion

An August 23 market report was released by Global Market Insights Inc. stating that based on recent statistics, the international ICF market is expected to reach $970 million by the end of 2024. That’s right, within less than 10 years we’ll see insulated concrete form use near, if not exceed, the one billion dollar mark. The study notes that rising consumer preference for energy efficient buildings accompanied by the need to reduce operating expenses is the key to the global ICF market share trend. This is further fueled by policy demands by federal, state/provincial, and municipal bodies alike. In Alberta, for instance, ICF is in high demand because it accommodates local laws regarding energy efficient and eco-friendly construction. The whole world sees it, perhaps it’s time that you too increase your use of insulated concrete forms in construction.

ICF Featured in PBS Schedule for Up and Coming Season

On September 6, PBS announced the return of fan favourite This Old House to their fall season program schedule. The Emmy award winning home improvement television series features two Boston (MA) homes that are steeped in history, yet come with a unique set of design and construction challenges. Once again featured within the 26 new episodes (premiering September 29) will be innovative construction techniques. Amoung the noted concepts, is the use of ICF in a home addition’s foundation which will contribute to a state-of-the-art heating system that is anticipated to save thousands on energy expenditure. At the end of the season, we may see ICF walk away with a 2017 Daytime Emmy, in a roundabout way, of course.

The Buckeye State Goes Eco-friendly with ICF

When it’s embraced by anytown USA you know it makes practical sense. Last week a Jackson County (Ohio) newspaper cited the benefits of eco-friendly construction for local homes. Within the article, they noted the role of insulated concrete forms in the achievement of this goal. More importantly, they referenced the use of NUDURA products for enhanced energy efficiency, protection from natural disasters (tornadoes, etc.), noise insulation, comfort, and turnaround time to completion. If the Buckeye State is on board, the rest will follow.

A Wave of ICF Lands on Coastal Communities

Earlier in the week, the Urban Land Institute, with interest in the coastal communities surrounding San Francisco, reported on waterfront and storm-related construction planning. The article addressed the challenge in building weather resilient amenities while remaining cost effective in the long run. Once again, insulated concrete forms were brought into the discussion, heralded for their ability to provide a comfortable, resilient, air-tight structure that drastically lowers heating and cooling costs for occupants and building owners.

Disaster-proof Call to Action Includes ICF

Last month, we reported on the current call to action to prepare homes for natural disasters, before they strike. Within the article we provided linked reference to a demonstration home designed under the watchful eye of the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH), a nonprofit coalition that promotes action to prepare homes for natural disasters. In an undying effort to demand the need for more aggressive building code enforcement across the world, from Hurricane Alley in the US to cyclone-laden Australia, FLASH sought to showcase a demonstration home that would serve as a model for all disaster-proof homes to come. That home, is built with a solid concrete foundation that uses insulated concrete forms for the walls and floors.

Notice a consistent theme here? If you’re building in the Central Alberta area and ready to embrace the switch to ICF we encourage you to contact Total ICF at 403.887.2214, anytime.