ICF Commercial Building

Many people associate insulated concrete forms with residential projects. Makes sense, given the reputation for building superior homes around the world, Alberta included. But when it comes to commercial properties, be they retail stores or offices, ICF is also heralded as being the new construction method of choice. This is especially applicable to our province and its unique climate and geography.

If you’re a developer looking to provide your clients with the best possible solution for their Alberta commercial enterprise we encourage to read further, and find out why ICF is for you.

5 Reasons Why Insulated Concrete Forms Make Sense for Commercial Builds

1. Builds Your Commercial Property Faster

Your commercial client has one very key concern. They need their property built as fast as possible. Everyday that the business is not open beyond the expected date of completion equates lost revenue. Using insulated concrete forms to build the foundation of your commercial project will ensure that their doors open for business on-time. The same reasons that apply to why ICF builds homes faster apply here. Forms are ready-built for immediate construction. They’re lightweight yet sturdy, which allows more efficient on-site movement. They offer a shorter learning-curve for builders, sub-contractors, and laborers alike. Simply put, ICF will build your commercial development faster.

2. Provides a More Comfortable Environment for Customers and Staff

Your commercial clients needs absolute assurance that their customers and/or staff will be able to shop and/or work in a comfortable environment. In Alberta, the summers get hot and the winters get downright freezing. And with the passing chinooks, anything can happen in between. Commercial builds need to be completed with superior thermal resistance. ICF provides exactly that, better than any other form of traditional construction can. The commercial property will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Your client’s visiting public and employees will remain comfortable at all times when within their commercial domain.

3. Makes Fiscal Sense for the Longterm Bottom Line

Does using insulated concrete forms cost more than traditional wood structures in the beginning? It commonly does. But soon after the date of completion it begins to pay for itself, and when you consider years down the road that ROI becomes exponentially bigger. Because of ICF’s superior thermal resistance monthly utility costs are lower, much lower. Your commercial client is looking at a significant monthly expenditure to maintain their business, but when their building is born from ICF, you help them put a very significant dent into that ongoing fiscal outflow. Their longterm bottom line will look much brighter when insulated concrete forms have been used to build their property.

4. Protection from the Elements, all Elements

Commercial enterprises love the positive assurance that ICF provides for their insurance risk. A business can be destroyed overnight by a fire or natural disaster. Not all businesses can weather the storm found in the time that it takes to rebuild. In a region where harsh winds are not uncommon, ICF provides peace of mind in its reputation for being tornado, hurricane, and storm-proof. The Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam insulation is also non-combustible, making the building less susceptible to fire. In addition to protecting commercial businesses from these concerns, the sturdy concrete construction also deters security threats that can worry enterprises with valuable materials behind the walls.

5. Eco-conscious is Good for Business

Your commercial client knows that their building must abide by the province’s energy efficiency requirements under the National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB – section 9.36). They also understand the benefits of achieving LEED certification. Using insulated concrete forms in construction helps accomplish both. Beyond what is required by provincial law and certification benefits, eco-consiouness business practices, which include the construction of the place where one conducts their business, is great for local public relations.

Now that you see how insulated concrete form construction makes commercial business sense, we encourage you to contact Total ICF to see what we can do for you, and your client.