ICF Safe Rooms

The term “panic room” certainly has dramatic connotations. Its synonymic cousin “safe room” is more practical, and the concept makes sense for homes in urban, suburban, and rural areas alike. Safe rooms are being built for communities across North America to help weather the storm during tornados and hurricanes. They’re even being placed on wedding gift registries (we kid you not).

A new trend is emerging in safe room construction, one that makes such perfect sense that we’re surprised it didn’t begin a long time ago. Better late than never. That’s right, insulated concrete forms have been discovered to be the ultimate solution when it comes to building safe rooms. Let’s find out why.

Why Insulated Concrete Forms are the Perfect Solution for Safe Room Construction

ICF Offers Strong Protection from Extreme Weather and Other Threats

If you’re building a safe room, you clearly have the safety of a household or community in mind. Want to ensure maximum protection from the elements? The obvious and more common concerns include major storms, earthquakes, and fires. Sturdy insulated concrete form construction offers explicit protection for all of the above. Others are concerned about security. The concrete walls and foundations provided by ICF is practically impenetrable, offering occupants a safe haven from any security concern that can befall them. No matter how unlikely an event is to occur in your region, there is nothing quite like the peace of mind provided by an ICF constructed safe room.

ICF Offers a Comfortable Environment to Wait Out the Storm

If residents (home or community) are entering a safe room, they likely have little time to pack or adorn adequate clothing. There is also no telling how long they will have to wait out the event that caused them to retreat to the room. Keeping everyone within comfortable is essential to their health and welfare, both physical and psychological. The thermal resistance offered by insulated concrete forms equates ultimate comfort regardless the conditions on the other side of the wall. It will keep occupants warm in the winter and cool in the summer (or during a fire) and comfortable through until they can return to safety. Learn more about ICF’s thermal resistant properties here.

ICF Offers a Fast and Easy Solution to Erect a Safe Room

Once you’ve made the decision to build a safe room (or have been contracted to) speed is of essence. Whatever prompted the decision was sparked by the need to deliver a safe and secure retreat should an anticipated event occur. There is little time to wait. The very same components that equate fast construction for homes apply to ICF for safe rooms too. ICF is ready-built for immediate construction, light (yet sturdy) to allow quick movement during the building process, least susceptible to on-site damage, and offers a shorter learning curve for all involved in the room’s construction, outside contractors included.

ICF Offers a Cost Effective Means to Build a Room You May Not Need

The thing about safe rooms, is that while you put careful consideration into its planning, placement, and construction, you hope that you never have to use it. But you’re also well aware of its necessity. You’re faced with the prospect of investing resources to build a safe room (or more, for community interests) but need to manage the costs because again, you may never need to step foot within. This is where ICF makes sense. When it comes to building a safe room that can truly withstand windstorms, mid-level earthquakes, fires, and all other external threats, while keeping temporary occupants comfortable, you won’t find a more cost effective way to accomplish the task. There is no more financially viable way to achieve the level of protection you require from a safe room than ICF.

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