ICF Hotel Construction

Hilton Hotels Use (NUDURA) ICF

Amidst the economic struggles in Alberta is a breath of fresh air, the tourism industry. The boost is the result of two things. First, hospitality businesses are luring in travelers with great deals while flight prices to the region are low. Second, the stay-cation trend is on the rise, with Alberta residents opting to travel within the province for weekend excursions and the like. Hotel franchises and boutique operations are taking note. Now is a primetime to build in Alberta, while the getting is good. This is especially true for any business considering ICF in the current economy. Let’s look at why your accommodations enterprise should look to ICF for your next Alberta build.

5 Reasons Why Insulated Concrete Forms Make Sense for Hotel Construction

1. Fastest Construction to Accommodation Turnaround Time 

Every day that your hotel build is behind schedule is one more day that it cannot accommodate guests. This can equal thousands of dollars per day lost to delay. Thankfully, when building with insulated concrete forms, your hotel, and rooms, will be available to accept guests right on schedule. This is due to the same reasons that make it the preferred choice for residential construction when time is of essence. ICF is ready-built for quick construction, offers an easier learning curve for contractors, and is far less susceptible to on-site damage (which can cause unanticipated delays).

2. Provides the Most Comfortable Guest Experience Possible

Your hotel staff is instrumental to guest enjoyment. That is directly within management control. But when it comes to the physical accommodations, you need to trust that your hotel is built for guest comfort, no matter the season. There is no doubt that Alberta gets hot in the summer and cold as can be in the winter. You want to provide rooms, halls, amenity spaces and a lobby that keeps guests cool in the former and warm in the latter. Thanks to the superior thermal resistant properties of insulated concrete forms, all of the above are covered, keeping your guests (and staff) in comfort through their stay.

3. Protects Guests and Your Investment from Storms and Natural Disasters

Every year there are numerous stories from around the world where major storms rip through a region and impact not just residents, but unlucky visitors too. It’s one thing to be subjected to a natural disaster in your city or town, where you can retreat to the comforts of home. It’s another when you’re displaced across the country or other side of the planet. As a hotel operating in a place that is no stranger to annual tornadoes and hurricanes, there is quite a bit of comfort in knowing that you opted to build your property with stormproof insulated concrete forms. Nudura products’ (via Total ICF) expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam properties are also non-combustible, which means that your guests and property are protected from fires too. Your valued patrons and investment are safe with ICF.

4. Keeps Industry High Utility Expenditure to a Bare Minimum

Utility expenses for hotels are outrageous. You can’t just turn off the lobby lights at night. Nor can you expect guests to be conscious of their energy usage when staying at your property. They are on vacation after all, and want to leave the concerns of home, at home. Monthly energy expenditure can ruin a hotel business, especially during slower than normal off-seasons and economic slumps. Once again ICF comes to the rescue. The superior thermal resistance (addressed above) equates far less energy use to cool and heat rooms and the property. We’re talking about a potential monthly savings in the 30-50% range. When you consider the monthly expense of maintaining a year-round hotel, you’re looking to recoup a small fortune compared to what you’d spend after a traditional build.

5. Offers Eco-Friendly Accommodations for the Eco-Conscious Guests of the New Millenia

Guests may or may not do all they can to keep their energy use in check when staying at hotels, but they are attracted to properties that boast an eco-friendly accommodation all the same. When you build with insulated concrete forms, you satisfy provincial and federal LEED certification requirements, in addition to the tastes of today’s eco-conscious consumer/traveler.

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