ICF Building Secure

A recent article on the effectiveness of insulated concrete forms for building safe/panic rooms sparked interest in ICF for all around building security. With this construction concept being used for schools, medical facilities, and hotels, the conclusion that ICF serves as a property security measure adds up. So why should you consider it for the safety of your new build and its future occupants? Let’s find out.

4 Things That Make Insulated Concrete Forms Optimal for the Security of Your Building

1. Physical Properties Make ICF Resistant to Intrusion

An ICF wall is made from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and reinforced concrete. The security offered by concrete, is concrete evidence in itself. But EPS is no slouch in that category either. It is more stable and durable than traditional building materials. It (NUDURA products) is resistant to mold and rot, is engineered to withstand liquid concrete pressure, is designed to accommodate reinforcement bars, and contains a flame retardant. What this all equates is a literal and proverbial vault with a far longer life. An ICF constructed wall is as durable in a full century from now as it is today. If you want your building security to last many lifetimes, ICF is the only way to go.

2. Reduced Reliance on Energy

Thanks to the high thermal resistance of ICF, your build will not be as dependent upon energy for heating and cooling. In fact, ICF is the key to building a Net Zero property. What does this have to do with security? It’s simple. During a crisis in a building, reliance upon utilities can make matters worse. If a building is on lock down and the power is out, extreme temperatures on the outside can make the experience unbearable, forcing people out of the safe haven before it is wise to do so. By minimizing the reliance on utilities and backup generators, you create an indoor environment that can sustain the comfort of occupants longer than practically any other.

3. Blast Resistance 

This may seem like an extreme security requirement but we indeed live in a more extreme time. Whether accidental or intentional, an explosion can significantly damage your property, injure occupants, and even cost lives. You want to do all that you can to protect the investment and keep the public safe. NUDURA (products supplied by Total ICF) together with the U.S. military conducted tests using 50 lbs of TNT with a blast radius of just 6 feet. The structural integrity of the ICF constructed walls was sustained!

4. Quick Response to Threats

Residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal interests are often reactionary when it comes to demanding increased security. If a concerning trend causes alarm, they want to be able to respond right away. Calling upon a general contractor to accomplish a more secure new build at a relative moment’s notice is not feasible, unless insulated concrete forms are used. ICF offers the highest level of security in the quickest turnaround time possible, within reason. Find out what makes building a safer facility faster with ICF.

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