Construction Company Resolutions and ICF

The new year is here, and many construction companies are rethinking the way they will conduct business (build) in 2017. These new year resolutions will vary for many, but they’re not that far off from the goals everyone has. It all comes down to growth, and finding a better way to do things. As we wind down the first week of the new annum, Total ICF has compiled a list of resolutions common to the construction industry, along with key notes on how ICF will help keep your resolve on track.

5 Construction Industry Resolutions Best Accomplished when Building with Insulated Concrete Forms

1. Build More Eco-Friendly

Reducing one’s carbon footprint is one of the most impactful resolutions one can make. Let’s be honest, the construction industry hasn’t traditionally been a friend of the environment. But the winds of change have become stronger and stronger over the years. LEED certification is on the tip of everyone’s tongue as municipal, provincial, and federal bodies continue to regulate the construction industry to the benefit of the environment. When it comes to green building, it doesn’t get much better than building a foundation with insulated concrete forms. ICF is a direct contributor to achieving LEED certification. But it’s not just about a reduction in the carbon footprint anymore. ICF also allows you to build a NetZero property, one that generates as much energy as it consumes, equating a carbon footprint of nil. When it comes to this resolution, no other building concept compares.

2. Build Faster

More efficiency in the new year includes a faster turnaround time for each of your building projects. Building with ICF gives you a running start over traditional building methods. Insulated concrete forms and blocks are essentially LEGO-like, ready-built for immediate construction. They are also light weight (yet extremely sturdy) which equates quicker installation. They are less susceptible to on-site damage and offer contractors a shorter learning curve. Do you feel the need for speed in 2017? Then ICF is for you. Learn more.

3. Build Safer

We live in uncertain times and thus safety is paramount when it comes to all future building projects. ICF accounts for it all. Are you constructing a commercial, industrial, or municipal property? ICF helps hedge the security risk of these completed builds, with physical properties that resist intrusion, are blast resistant, and more. How trusted is ICF as a form of safety and security? The proof is found in the pudding when you learn that ICF is being used to build panic rooms. Of course, safety goes beyond security. Natural disasters are impending threats in many regions, Alberta included. ICF is thermal resistant, fire resistant, and exponentially stronger than traditional building materials, which is why it is used to build storm-proof properties.

4. Diversify

One of the biggest ways your business can grow, especially amidst challenging economic times, is to diversify your client portfolio. With the energy sector taking a hit, this is essential. How does ICF factor into this resolution? With ICF being the new go-to building method of choice for more efficient schools, hotels, medical facilities and more, you can expand your repertoire and client outreach by being a facilitator of ICF construction.

5. Generate More Revenue

This one really catches the eye, right? How can ICF help you make more? Well, in addition to reducing on construction waste, helping you complete projects faster, and diversifying your client portfolio (all of which improve your bottom line), ICF is inciting a change. This change, will prove to be very profitable. At the moment, architectural designers (the genesis of all future builds) are taking notice. They are recognizing that incorporating ICF into their design will help them achieve their corporate goals. This increases the industry demand for insulated concrete forms. By being a relative early adopter of this building technology, you become one of the relative few that they can go to in your locale. This gives you an immediate strategic advantage. If you operate within the Central Alberta area, we encourage you to sign your team up for an up and coming ICF training module, courtesy of Total ICF. Contact us, to learn more.