2017 ICF Builder Awards NUDURA Winner

Total ICF, Central Alberta’s supplier of industry leading NUDURA products, is proud to announce the results of the 2017 ICF Builder Awards. Taking place at the onset of February in Las Vegas, the annual award show isn’t just a great excuse to converge upon Sin City for a weekend. It celebrates the leaps and bounds made in the world of insulated concrete forms. Given the growth expected from ICF, it also acknowledges a much needed shift (in the right direction) in residential, commercial, and industrial construction as a whole. Today, we ignore the mantra of “What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas” with a recap of NUDURA ICF’s award winning performance.

Total ICF Celebrates NUDURA Product 1st Place Wins at the 2017 ICF Builder Awards

1st Place in Specialty Project Construction – Fort Worth Residence Waterfall

2017 ICF Builder Awards Winner NUDURA Waterfall

In one of the most exciting ICF residential projects to date, the use of insulated concrete forms to build a residential waterfall has redefined the normal applications of this already progressive building method. A custom luxury home in Dallas Texas had already incorporated ICF in many of its features, including the pool, its retaining walls, and a 35-foot radius wall tower. The owner, impressed with the performance of the product, decided to extend its use to a 200-square-foot cascading waterfall concept around the home’s swimming pool. The project was a resounding success. If you’re wondering about the longterm cost effectiveness of it all, take note that with separate HVAC metering, the near 6,000 square foot home to date exhibits day-to-day functioning at a less-than-$100-per-month average. It makes one wonder, what amazing ICF applications are to come in the year/s ahead?

1st Place in Education Construction – South Warren Highschool & Middle School

2017 ICF Builder Awards Winner NUDURA School

You may already know that the use insulated concrete forms is a superior method for building schools. This assertion is fast becoming fact in light of recent developments. At 332,979 square feet, South Warren is the largest school in Kentucky. How much ICF was used? 332,979 square feet. That’s right – this educational institution is ICF all the way! Total construction took just under 30 months, with the ICF installation portion only accounting for 180 days. All of the load-bearing walls are ICF. In addition to constructing the biggest school, it also resulted in the lowest construction cost in the state and is 100% Net Zero ready. The future of education is looking very bright, thanks in part to the use of NUDURA insulated concrete forms.

1st Place in Heavy Commercial Construction – Pierce County Readiness Center

2017 ICF Builders Awards Winner NUDURA

Little can validate the trust in ICF as a building method quite like its adoption by the military. NUDURA products are effective when it comes to building for security. In fact, the U.S. military conducted tests on ICF constructed walls using 50 lbs of TNT with a blast radius of just 6 feet, and found that the structural integrity was sustained. So, when the Washington National Guard came looking for a solution to erect and sustain their over 80,000 square foot Readiness Center in Tacoma, they decided upon the NUDURA ICF system. The quickly completed project includes 400 embeds, allowing for 93 window/door openings. ICF was chosen for its superior blast resistance, but has also delivered an energy efficient safe-house that is currently pending LEED-Gold certification. The safety and security of our lands (U.S. and Canada alike) are in good hands when ICF is used.

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