ICF Homes

No industry has been positively impacted by the rise of insulated concrete forms quite like that of residential development. While ICF is a superior building material for all common applications (including commercial, industrial, and municipal) home construction has really reaped the benefits. It’s because of this that REALTORS® and real estate agents are celebrating its use. But exactly why is this the case? Let’s find out.

4 Reasons Why the Alberta Real Estate Industry Wants to Market Homes Built from Insulated Concrete Forms

1. Adds a Significant Cost Benefit to Buyers

On the surface, an ICF constructed home may (or may not) have a slightly higher upfront price tag. But this does not dissuade REALTORS® and agents from positioning them as a preferred home for buyers. The reason? Buyers will realize a return on this initial purchase immediately after moving in.

NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms (supplied by Total ICF) have a proven R-Value of 23.59. Thus, the materials have an enhanced ability to absorb and store heat energy, making it the single largest and most cost-effective reduction in a home’s energy expenditure. Monthly utility bills of ICF homes are reduced anywhere between 20-70%. Alberta is characterized by early autumns, harsh winters, and late springs. Therefore, this cost savings tips towards the higher end of the scale. Representatives selling a home jump all over this highly measurable cost benefit, and market it to their clientele.

2. Increases the Long Term Value for Investors

The notable decrease in energy expenditure is of course a big benefit to real estate investors. If they are responsible for ongoing heating costs, they can realize a reduction on their monthly spend and increase their bottom line. If the tenant is responsible for ongoing heating costs, it is easier to fill occupancy when the same monthly savings are passed on to the renter. This all adds to the longterm value of their investment. But it doesn’t stop there.

ICF homes are built to last. They can better withstand devastating storms (when compared to traditionally built home), fires, destructive pests, and provide an overall stronger foundation that will reduce longterm maintenance and repair. REALTORS® and agents are chomping at the bit to market these facts to buyers who are seeking a lucrative investment that will be pain-free and deliver a better ROI.

3. A More Conscious Way to Sell Family Homes

REALTORS® and agents are constantly seeking a way to remain more relevant in changing times. It’s a fact that the general public is becoming more conscious about their lifestyle choices. These consumers are choosing products that are healthy for their household, and for the environment. This shift in consumer behavior does not stop at organic food and hybrid cars. It becomes a part of their home-purchase decision too. REALTORS® and agents need to satisfy this demand. ICF homes allow them to do just that.

Total ICF NUDURA products do not emit CFC’s or HCFC’s. Because of this, they provide improved indoor air quality. The better the air quality, the better the conditions for residents. ICF also inhibits mold growth which provides a healthier household environment. For these reasons alone ICF is preferred for medical facility construction. These facts (among others) also contribute to the fact that ICF is better for the whole environment, which is why insulated concrete forms are used to build NetZero homes. Individuals and agencies looking to sell homes to today’s conscious consumer love ICF!

4. Helps Branding

Awhile back we delivered an article addressing the tremendous benefits of ICF for architects and designers. Among those benefits, was branding. You see, by having ICF homes and buildings in their portfolio, they establish that their firm is a leader in home design trends. Since this “trend” is about to become a mainstay, it will set the standard in residential development. By becoming an advocate today, they become a fundamental part of setting that standard, which is simply good for business. This same mentality and brand growth strategy directly applies to REALTORS® and agents who want to be seen on the cutting edge of modern home sales.

REALTORS®, agents, and agencies most certainly want residential developers to build ICF homes because ICF homes are in demand, and will remain so in the near and far future. As a residential developer, you too will want to stay ahead of the curve by being the one to put ICF homes on the market. If you’re building in the Central Alberta area, contact Total ICF today to learn more.