ICF Single Detached Family Home

REALTORS® and real estate agents are excited about insulated concrete form homes. Multifamily residential developers are too. None of this would be the case if the demand wasn’t driving it. And that demand, is coming from households looking for a more efficient home with a better longterm value. ICF homes provide exactly that. Let’s find out why these buyers are calling for more ICF in single detached family home construction.

5 Reasons Why New Home Buyers Are Looking to Buy Homes Built with Insulated Concrete Forms

1. Lower Monthly Utility Expenditure

Buyers don’t mind spending a little extra today to save money in the long run. With ICF, that long run ROI returns faster than expected. In fact, buyers realize the financial benefits within the first month of occupancy. Because of the superior thermal resistance of insulated concrete forms (NUDURA products have an R-Value of nearly 24) monthly utility expenditure is reduced right from the get-go. The Cement Association of Canada states that homes built with ICF exterior walls require an estimated 44% less energy to heat and 32% less energy to cool than traditionally framed ones. We’ve seen that number range anywhere between 20-70%. It all depends on the size of a home, the exact geography and climate of where it is being built, and monthly usage requirements. Regardless, new home owners are looking at a savings of hundreds if not thousands per annum. In an economic climate where every dollar counts, that is a very big buyer benefit.

2. Lower Ongoing Maintenance

ICF homes are built to last. Their sturdy concrete construction (w/reinforcement bars) equates an ability to withstand harsh weather and fire (NUDURA products are non-combustable and can be outfitted with a fire retardant). ICF homes prevent the growth of mold and mildew, and serve as a barrier to pest infestation. Because of all of the above, homeowners are free of the upkeep required with traditionally constructed homes. This reduces both effort and expenditure. Owning an ICF home is simply easier and more affordable.

3. ICF Homes Are More Comfortable

While longterm cost savings and lower maintenance are the biggest selling points for most buyers, households also place comfort on the top of their priority list. This is true of family units, empty nesters, and retirees alike. Well, it doesn’t get more comfortable than an ICF home. On the surface, it may not sound as if that’s the case, given the use of concrete, but once buyers find that the thermal resistant properties deliver a warmer home in the winter and cooler home in the summer, they come around quick. But it doesn’t stop there.

Insulated concrete forms create a barrier that shields rooms in a home from exterior noise. The combination of concrete and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam slashes fluctuations in air infiltration and other obtrusive noises. Approximately one-quarter to one-eighth as much sound penetrates through an ICF wall when compared to traditional wood-frame structures. Are buyers worried about living near a major highway, high-traffic commercial area, or airport? They need not be concerned when their home is built with insulated concrete forms.

4. ICF Homes are Healthier Homes

Households today understand that more than fitness and nutrition impact their health. The air they breathe inside and out plays a significant role. While there is little that they can do to directly impact the air they breath on the outside, they can do something about the same within the walls they reside in. That’s why they are choosing homes built with insulated concrete forms. NUDURA ICF products promote improved internal air quality because they do not emit CFC’s or HCFC’s. In addition (as stated above in item #2), ICF helps prevent the growth of mold, which further serves to create a healthier indoor environment and provide all around improved indoor air quality.

5. Allows for Easier and More Efficient Future Additions

Buyers who are nestling into their new home for the long haul want to know that they can easily add on to their existing build (where the property allows). These additions can include carports, guest suites, swimming pools, and more. It is more efficient, viable, and protective of one’s investment if these additions are constructed from the same materials as the original home. ICF is conducive to complementary builds, and given that there are practically no applications that cannot be met by ICF (from common to more unique), buyers are more attracted to this type of residential build.

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