ICF in the News

It’s getting hard to contain our enthusiasm. Insulated concrete forms are receiving more attention than ever, being touted as the answer to traditional woes in the residential building industry. And it’s not just ICF authorities pumping out press releases anymore. Mainstream media has caught on, with today’s building concept of choice making headlines in online periodicals across North America. Today, Total ICF is happy to share some of the highlights from national and regional sources that have shed light on insulated concrete forms this past spring season.

ICF Makes Headlines Across the Continent in the Spring of 2017

HGTV’s Mike Holmes Makes it Right with ICF

The National Post recently shared the opinions of HGTV’s famed Mike Holmes (from Holmes Makes it Right). Holmes weighed in on insulated concrete forms after noting that homeowners often ask him what materials to use to create a strong and long lasting foundation. Let’s let Mike do the talking:

“They fit together like my grandkid’s building blocks, which I think is really slick. Once the concrete is poured, you end up with a straight, strong wall – if I’m building a foundation – I’m using ICF.” (Mike Holmes, HGTV)

When the person known for making it right picks ICF in the public eye you know that you’re in good hands with insulated concrete forms.

Habitat for Humanity Turns to ICF

For those unfamiliar, Habitat for Humanity is a global, nonprofit organization that is devoted to building simple yet efficient housing in an effort to address issues of poverty all over the world. The organization gained further notoriety during Hurricane Katrina, and is a nonprofit of choice for many celebrities, including Brad Pitt, Bon JoviEllen DeGeneresJustin Timberlake, and Jennifer Aniston. There is a lot st stake behind their efforts, so when it was recently reported that a local chapter in Florida has embraced the use of insulated concrete forms, the writing went up on the wall:

“Amy Van Dell, resource development manager for Manatee County Habitat for Humanity, said the insulated concrete form makes for a low-maintenance, energy-efficient home.”  (Bradenton Herald)

When you see one of the most important housing foundations in the world adopting the use of ICF, you know that the building concept is the way towards a better future in home construction.

ICF Leads Parade of Homes in One of the Coldest States

Idaho is known for more than potatoes. It is also on the list of the top ten coldest year-round U.S. states (tied with Michigan). Thus, home insulation is one of the most important components of residential construction in the region. So when Boise’s annual Spring Parade of Homes began this weekend (May 12) all eyes were on what’s new in the field of energy efficiency.

The state’s official resource for breaking news, KTVB, reported on how ICF was integral in modern home design that places severe weatherproofing as a high priority. An ICF-constructed property “on parade” earned a HERS rating of just 42. The HERS Index is an industry standard by which a home’s energy efficiency is measured. It is also an internationally (U.S. and Canada) recognized platform for inspecting and testing a property’s energy performance. A traditionally constructed home scores approximately 130 on the HERS Index whereas more modern homes tend to land a rating around 100. It’s no wonder that a rating of 42 was deemed news worthy. Only ICF can contribute to this sort of energy efficiency. That in itself warrants a parade.

Want to see your next building project make headlines? Become an adopter of insulated concrete forms and you may very well make that happen. If you’re building in Central Alberta, contact Total ICF today to get started.