ICF Foundation for Garage Construction

Garage construction for homes has come a long way. It was once considered nothing more than a necessity for homeowners to their park car/s. Little thought was given to design and efficiency. But as homeowners seek to add value to their properties, developers and residential architectural designers alike are reimagining the concept. Without a doubt, a household garage is now considered an extension of the home in every way. Builders are expected to give it as much thought as they do with each room in the accompanying living space. And given the unique requirements of a garage, only one construction method can create a truly efficient foundation – insulated concrete forms. Let’s find out why.

4 Reasons Why Insulated Concrete Forms Are Perfect for Your Garage Construction Projects

Energy Efficiency Negates Need for Unnecessary Utility Expenditure

The biggest benefit of ICF foundations is found in its thermal efficiency. With an R-value of nearly 24, it is being applied to home construction all over Alberta and across the country where extreme weather becomes an issue for energy expenditure. By using ICF for a garage foundation, you create an environment that is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, without taking on added utility expense.

We know what you’re thinking, is heating (and cooling) even a concern when it comes to the garage? You bet. Homeowners are using the garage for more than just parking their cars. For many, it becomes a workshop and/or an escape (i.e. man cave, she shed). In addition, during cold winter months, occupants want to be able to walk into the garage from their home without feeling frostbite. An ICF garage will also better protect vehicles from freezing temperatures, allowing them to start faster, even after sitting idle through a cold winter’s night.

Easy to Adapt to Existing Home Design

Whether adding a garage to an existing property or attempting to work it into the design of a new home, ICF affords the flexibility you need to adapt to the architecture. NUDURA products (supplied by Total ICF) feature factory custom cut radius forms, including 45° and 90° forms. There is a diverse selection of component blocks, with which you can design curves and accommodate unique exterior features. An ICF foundation also allows you to apply any form of garage exterior finishing and siding that you desire, from brick to stone to vinyl and beyond.

Offers Added Security for Vehicles and Possessions

Albertans love their cars. From modern luxury vehicles to show ‘n shine classics there is a lot of money parked behind the garage doors of many Alberta homes. Perhaps that’s why we lead the country in auto theft numbers. Garages are also used to store other high-value possessions, including expensive tools to recreational equipment and more. Because of this, the demand for more secure garage construction is increasing in the province. Given that ICF is known to be one of the most secure forms of building construction, it is used for storage facilities, panic rooms, and military outposts. It makes perfect sense that it be applied to garage foundations too.

Can Help Prevent the Spread of Garage Fires to the Home

A garage is often ground-zero for home and property fires. It tends to host oil/gas cans, cleaning supplies (chemicals included), rags, boxes, and a slew of flammable items that can ignite in an instant. The threat is compounded by the existence of a parked vehicle, which is essentially one gigantic explosive device. One spark in a garage can lead to the destruction of the entire property and bring harm to occupants. This space, more than any, should be as non-combustible and flame-retardant as possible. Once again, ICF answers the call. NUDURA ICF foundations are built with steel reinforced concrete and a non-toxic fire retardant expanded polystyrene foam, providing a fire protection rating of up to 4 hours. Fire is far less likely to occur within an ICF garage and if it does, it will be better contained and keep it from spreading to the surrounding property.

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