ICF Decks and Porches

With the summer on the way (year in and out) many Alberta homeowners are considering residential add-ons to improve their quality of life, at home. These additions include decks, porches, and solariums. Contractors are being called upon to provide the most efficient means to work these into the architectural design of current and future properties alike. With traditional residential building methods falling to the wayside in lieu of modern concepts such as insulated concrete forms, many wonder whether or not ICF makes sense for these extensions too. It does. Let’s find out why.

5 Reasons Why Insulated Concrete Forms Work for Residential Decks, Porches, and Solariums

1. Ease of Installation

It is essential that any add-on of this nature be completed in as quick a turnaround time as possible. The last thing homeowners and residential property managers want to see is an exterior eyesore. By applying ICF technology to this property feature you are afforded the same speed benefits that apply to home construction itself. Lightweight (yet sturdy) pre-formed interlocking blocks or custom forms can be assembled by design quickly, allowing concrete to be poured into the hollow core with deck/porch/solarium walls constructed in an instant.

2. Prevents Mold, Mildew and Rot Common to Outdoor Extensions

Mold, mildew, and rot combined are deck and porch enemy number one in many regions, Alberta included. Not only does it degrade the feature, it looks and smells horrible, defeating the aesthetic and leisurely purpose of building the extension in the first place. Traditional wood-constructed decks and porches are susceptible to mold, mildew and rot. ICF, is not. Made from expanded polystyrene foam (EPS), insulated concrete forms do not provide an environment conducive to either. In addition, ICF prevents pest infestation, another common outdoor born concern that can rot your deck or porch.

3. Can Withstand Whatever Weather Hits it With

The deck and porch are often the first things to go during a tumultuous storm. Battering winds and pelting rains weigh heavy on them, and can cost thousands of dollars in disrepair. By building this feature with ICF you practically remove this concern. NUDURA ICF (provided in Central Alberta by Total ICF) is storm-proof, thanks to its solid concrete core that boasts an impact resistance that can withstand winds of up to 402 kph.

4. Superior Flooring for Solariums

ICF Flooring

When it comes to solariums, NUDURA floor technology provides the ultimate in imperishable and highly effective floor installation. It offers a layer of molded EPS protection that abates transference from the ground, serving as an effective base for floor heating. The distinctive shiplap tongue and groove interlock equates no gaps and delivers fast and easy installation. The integrity of the flooring system’s molded sheets resist the cracking and crumbling associated with traditional wire cut products. Complement this EPS floor technology by applying HydroFoam floor insulation (R-16), which optimizes radiant floor heating by dispersing heat evenly throughout the entire solarium floor area. This lightweight high density EPS product also speeds up installation and can be custom cut to meet any angle. These flooring products can be found by visiting the NUDURA Video Center (accessible from our product page).

5. Apply Any Deck or Porch Finishing You Prefer

Using insulated concrete forms to complete a deck or porch project does not leave the property looking cold and unwelcoming at all. It doesn’t matter if the home’s design is Colonial or Victorian, you can install any form of finishing you desire. Create an organic look with wood panel siding and surfacing or a deck with a beautiful stone veneer floor and skirt trim. Learn more about insulated concrete form finishes to complete the lesson on how ICF is perfect for your next home exterior add-on project.

Lay the foundation for your next residential deck, porch, or solarium addition in Central Alberta by contacting Total ICF today.