ICF Construction Blueprint

Who needs ICF? You do! OK, perhaps that’s a bit general. But we’re assuming that you came upon this article because you’ve been presented with the option or have heard about it in recent news. If it’s something you consider a point of interest as a professional then chances are that you will benefit from it as a building concept. That being said, we’re happy to provide more direct clarity on the matter, and narrow down a few key fields that are enjoying the advantages of ICF.

5 Professional Fields that Can Reap the Rewards of Insulated Concrete Form Construction


Marketability is very important to architects looking to improve their brand. By sticking to traditional building and design methods, you get stuck in a rut and becomes less relevant to modern clients. Adoption of ICF will lift your firm out of this antiquated position, and provide you with a competitive advantage. Want to position yourself as the go-to firm for eco-conscious building? Want to deliver cost-effective plans that equate a quicker build while improving quality of life for up and coming occupants? ICF is what you need. Learn more about what insulated concrete forms can do for your architectural firm.


There is a misconception about professional designers. Some think the work is all about choosing colour palettes and adjusting natural lighting. But a professionally trained designer also has knowledge and training in architecture, engineering and technical applications used in the overall design of buildings. Because this profession revolves around home and building design a symbiotic relationship exists between designers, architects, structural engineers, and developers (more on the latter two below). By becoming versed in ICF you will be better able to connect your efforts to theirs. As more builders, architects, and engineers adopt ICF, you may be more likely to earn referrals as a designer in-the-know.

Structural Engineers

Structural engineers are experts in elements of geology, materials science, building site hydrology and mechanical engineering. Being that you’re concerned with inspecting materials to be used for numerous construction projects, you want to be able to recommend options with optimal insulation and thermal properties. Insulated concrete forms offer an R-value of approximately 24. You know what that means, and how it will positively impact the longterm cost savings of a property, and the comfort of occupants residing and/or operating within.

Developers / Contractors

Developers all over the province are seeking to meet the demands of the real estate industry and property management firms in addition to industrial, commercial, and municipal interests alike. Developers are the original adopters of insulated concrete forms because they (you) realize the full slate of benefits. But we all know what’s really important – cost. As a developer, you can pitch the simple yet most important fact that this building method lowers the overall cost of construction, delivering an ROI for decades and beyond. Adoption of ICF adds direct and tangible value to your general contracting business.

Municipal Planners

Given that a big part of your concern as a municipal planner is public safety, you need to ensure that every possible security measure is considered when you plan the construction of a municipal property. Taxpayers are more watchful than anyone, and media is their whistleblower. Cut one corner in public facility construction and not only may tragedy befall your community after a natural (or manmade) disaster, the subsequent media onslaught can dismantle your civic infrastructure. By adopting insulated concrete form construction, you deliver community complexes that are amoung the safest and most secure.

Of course, it’s not all life and death here. ICF makes sense for you in many convenient and cost-effective ways. For instance, ICF is being used to complete community recreational facilities, including swimming pools which absolutely benefit from ICF construction.

If you find yourself detailed in one of the above and you operate within the Central Alberta area, we encourage you to take the next logical step and contact Total ICF at your earliest convenience.