ICF for Industrial Buildings

Insulated concrete form construction is a perfect match for single detached family homes, for multifamily complexes, and as per last week’s article, commercial businesses too. Within the latter we addressed certain types of commercial enterprises that especially enjoy the benefits of ICF construction. Today, we continue down that route by turning to the industrial sector.

3 Types of Industrial Enterprises That Would Benefit from Insulated Concrete Form Construction


Agriculture and agri-food business tops the list of industrial applications for a good reason. As the industry is expected to help lead Alberta to a newly sustainable economy, agri-businesses are thinking longterm, and are willing to invest today for an overall lower cost of construction that pays for itself in the decades (and beyond) to come. With high thermal resistance and a tested R-Value of nearly 24 for NUDURA products, monthly energy expenditure is dramatically reduced (anywhere from 20-70%). Factor in the other cost-saving properties and you find that ICF absolutely provides that lower cost of construction.

Of course, there are many other direct benefits. Thanks to superior thermal resistance, the controlled-temperature environment protects agri-food during both the packing and storage process. In addition, the chemicals, gases, and compounds normally found in traditional building materials (i.e. chlorofluorocarbons, hydrofluorocarbons, formaldehyde) are not found in ICF, which is a big plus for demographics demanding sustainability in all touch-points of food production. ICF construction for agricultural facilities also helps stave off the risk of mold and mildew growth and also protects the spaces from harsh prairie weather that could impact livestock and commodities. View more on how ICF is redefining agricultural builds across Alberta.

Oil & Gas Warehousing and Storage 

An oversupplied oil and gas market increases the need for storage and warehousing in Alberta. Whether in need off-site slow-mover storage, consolidation of equipment and materials for transport to off-site drilling locations, or a place to house critical wares until they are needed, ICF construction can accommodate the need in a quickly constructed and cost effective (as per notes above) manner. Insulated concrete forms are also well known for their optimal storage properties, thanks to climate controls and external threat security. And given the ever-watchful eye of environmental interests it certainly doesn’t hurt when an oil and gas enterprise does all that it can to run a more sustainable and energy efficient storage and warehousing facility, irony aside.

Tech-sector Facilities

The technology sector is rising fast in Alberta, with expressions such as ”data is the new oil” redefining the economic potential of the province. Looking for further proof? Google’s high-profile AI research firm just announced that they setting up headquarters in Alberta along with a slew of other national and international science and technology interests. ICF will play a key roll here for two reasons (in addition to the usual benefits). For one, it allows for a quicker turnaround time than provided by traditional building methods. Only ICF construction can keep up with the feverous demand of the extremely fast growing tech sector in Alberta. Secondly, the tech sector is known for providing staff with optimal working environments, considering that many spend over 60 hours per week invested in their work. Insulated concrete form constructed buildings create a far more comfortable environment for occupants, thanks to the aforementioned thermal resistance.

The above details just some of the more common industrial applications for ICF, however there is practically no form that it cannot accommodate. Ready to keep up the new trends in the industrial sector? If you’re building in the Central Alberta area, contact Total ICF to learn more.