ICF Municipal Construction

It is now well understood that insulated concrete form construction is an optimal building method for residentialindustrial, and commercial projects. What’s left? Municipal of course.

Municipal projects come with a whole other set of variables to account for. There are more than traditional and residential type of considerations at stake here, with civic and citizen eyes watching at all levels of the task, from building inception to completion and beyond. Does ICF construction account for the sensitive interests of municipal bodies in Alberta? You bet. Let’s find out how and why.

4 Reasons Why Insulated Concrete Forms Provide the Ultimate Solution for Municipal Construction Projects in Alberta

1. More Efficient Use of Taxpayer Money

While it is important for municipalities to minimize the cost of new building construction, it is far more important for them to reduce the operating costs of a building over its lifetime so that they can better meet budgets year after year. That’s where ICF construction comes into play. ICF has a high R-value per inch (R4) and an overall tested R-value of 23.59. Because ICF buildings reduce the total heating and cooling requirements by a range of 20 to 70% (compared to traditionally-constructed properties) the cost savings are also reduced within the same scope. That represents a very significant savings which will allow surplus tax revenue to be allocated to more important community needs. View more on how insulated insulated concrete forms reduce the total and ongoing cost of construction.

2. Energy Efficiency Accolades

Next to a positive impact on the municipal operating budget, improved energy efficiency is of course much better for the environment. ICF allows municipalities to meet the updated National Energy Code for Buildings at a provincial and federal level, but it also satiates public demand to achieve Net Zero status where viable. In a political climate where eco-consciousness remains a hot topic, the reduced energy expenditure (and omission of CFC’s, HFC’s and formaldehyde) afforded by ICF construction puts a checkmark in the positive side of the local polls.

3. Community Safety and Preparedness

Municipal bodies have a very big responsibility when it comes to keeping citizens safe during times of emergency. Proactive measures are the key to accomplishing this. Given that community centres, town halls, public libraries, schools, and other municipally managed facilities serve as safe havens for city and town residents during times of emergency, it is essential that these properties are constructed from the most threat-resistant materials available. Insulated concrete forms, blocks, panels, reinforcement bars, and supporting components provide for this. For one, ICF is made from non-combustible material and contains a flame retardant that helps keep forest and prairie fires at bay. Its construction with a solid concrete core provides an impact resistance that can withstand winds of up to 402 kph (250 mph) and boasts a 6-foot blast radius against 50 lbs of TNT. In addition to keeping citizen occupants safe, all of the above also makes for optimal storage of agricultural foodstuffs, which is another necessary component in community safety preparedness.

You can see why the likes of the Washington National Guard turned to ICF when the time came to erect their over 80,000 square foot Community Readiness Center in Tacoma. Alberta municipalities would be quite wise to follow suit and build all future civic buildings using ICF.

4. Supports Affordable Housing Initiatives

Municipalities also step up in support of affordable housing initiatives for households with income limitations. ICF construction allows them to expedite the process (ICF homes are built faster) and provides residents with a lower monthly utility expenditure and a healthier living environment while wrapping it all up in a more aesthetically pleasing envelope that bucks the misconception of what affordable housing is supposed to look like. View more on how ICF can better serve communities in this capacity too.

Before you attempt to secure that next civic contracting bid, make sure you add insulated concrete form construction to your capabilities so that you can pitch a better building solution to your local municipality. Learn more by contacting Total ICF today.