ICF Luxury Homes

Last month, online luxury lifestyle magazine Pursuitist featured an upscale home in the southern U.S., along with images of the home that conveyed an elegance akin to a Victorian palace. What made this abode different from the onslaught of dream homes featured on a daily basis on the website? It was built from insulated concrete form construction.

There is no need to be surprised that a building method heralded as being the defining solution for affordable housing can also be labelled as the ultimate in upscale home construction. The line-up of benefits that make ICF so popular with new and prospective homeowners from all walks of life apply to the luxury home market as well. Today, we take a look at how these benefits directly appeal to your up and coming luxury home build.

5 Reasons Why Insulated Concrete Form Construction is Perfect for Luxury Home Development

1. Lower Cost of Luxury Home Ownership

Just because a buyer is in the market for a luxury home doesn’t mean that they don’t demand and/or need to watch their monthly cost of ownership. In fact, given the potential square footage of an upscale property, the cost of ongoing utilities can be the only barrier to a luxury home purchase. However, when the same type of property is constructed using ICF technology, the cost of heating and cooling are dramatically reduced because of ICF’s superior thermal resistance (with an R-value of nearly 24). The periodical referenced in the introduction headlined their own article with the very same sentiment:

“Today’s home…is made of ICF (Insulated Concrete Form), a material that yields unimaginably low utility costs.” (Pursuitist)

As you can see, insulated concrete forms don’t just make sense for luxury homes, they make literal dollars for prospective homeowners too.

2. Allows for Premium Wall Finishing 

With the financial benefits in the books, we can jump into aesthetics. A luxury home must look the part. While smart interior design can take care of the room to room floor plan flow, the exterior and interior walls of the home set the table for success on the upscale property market. Once again, ICF provides a superior solution, with walls primed to accept any form of premium wall finishing material, including (but not exclusive to) natural stone and more. With ICF you can match any architectural design firm’s vision for a luxury build, be it a Cape Cod, Mid-Century Modern, or Victorian inspired residence.

3. Accommodates Upscale Add-ons

Luxury homes often come with both functional and playful appendages that extend onto the entire property. Insulated concrete form construction allows for it all, including swimming pools with waterfalls and grottos, expansive patio and deck installations, and garages to rival airport hangers (for those with a budding automobile collection). There is no limit to what can be imagined for a luxury property, and no other form of building method can realize this quite like ICF can.

4. Offers Security Occupants Demand

Another add-on often exclusive to upscale homes not mentioned above, is a panic (or safety) room. While some may consider this an extreme request, there is something to be said for the level of security that may be required by occupants. Of course, it doesn’t just come down to manmade threats. Alberta’s luxury homes may or may not be occupied by high-profile “targets”, but the province is indeed susceptible to harsh weather than can impact the safety and security of a household. Whichever the case, luxury homeowners want the best protection money can buy and NUDURA ICF allows for it all, thanks to the ability to accommodate reinforcement bars and a sturdy concrete construction that can withstand a trinitrotoluene (TNT) blast radius of six-feet. Panic room or no panic room, an ICF home is simply safer and more secure and while you can’t put a dollar value on that, you can certainly try.

5. Easy to Customize for Demanding (and ever-changing) Tastes

Luxury home buyers can be demanding and fickle. This is a fair trait to wear, considering the investment they are making. The demand to customize a home before and after construction means that traditional building methods may not cut it, being less adaptable to on-the-fly changes and requests. However, contractors can accommodate new requests and adjustments at almost any point in the process when building with ICF, given that an opening can be sawed out and re-formed without significantly setting back the schedule and/or budget.

The same characteristic is also optimal when it comes to anticipating future remodeling, renovation, and retrofitting. For example, consider the demand to update homes to net-zero status. Adoption of the net-zero lifestyle is becoming big in the upscale market. Whether the motivation is for bragging rights, purely altruistic, or both, it works in the favour of the environment. And whichever the case, insulated concrete form construction is the method of choice for achieving true net-zero luxury home status.

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