ICF Guest House

Today’s new homeowner demands conveniences that will make their home a better place for themselves and those they invite onto their property. Between family and friends households require room to host guests, but they don’t always want to do so by squeezing them into the same space (especially when it comes to in-laws). With tourism continuing to lead economic growth in the province, the conundrum is expected to continue.

Indeed it seems that more Albertans will look to higher-end homes with a guest house attached, or to have their existing property outfitted with one. This demand is spurred on by the lucrative income opportunities presented by home-sharing services such as Airbnb, which allows homeowners to rent out space to vacationers when not being used. Whichever the case, a guest house is a convenience that many want, but often cannot take advantage of because of certain barriers. These barriers no longer need to get in the way, thanks to insulated concrete forms.

3 Reasons Why Insulated Concrete Forms Work Best for Guest House Construction

Makes a Guest House an Affordable Option

Traditionally, a guest house has been considered a luxury. Initial building cost is one thing, but the ongoing utility and maintenance costs can become quite a burden, making it only viable for households with a hefty disposable income. However, when using ICF to build a guest house, the cost of ongoing utilities is dramatically reduced by anywhere between 20-70%! Why is this so? Insulated concrete forms, blocks, and building products (by NUDURA) offer superior thermal resistance, evidencing an R-value of nearly 24.

Maintenance costs also contribute to the longterm cost of having a guest house on the property. Structural damage from harsh Alberta weather, pest infestation, and mold/mildew growth may need to be addressed on an annual basis. But once again, ICF nips the potential for these ongoing expenses in the bud. Insulated concrete form guest houses are built to withstand the brunt of extreme winds and seasonal storms (even tornadoes), floods, and fires. In addition, the concrete barrier and waterproof membrane abate conditions conducive to mold/mildew growth, which would also invite in rodents and insects. That’s another collection of potential costs that are no longer of concern when using ICF.

Once the initial capital expenditure is out of the way, there is no more affordable means to owning a guest home than insulated concrete form construction.

Keeps the Noise Out (and In)

Homeowners don’t want guests to feel as if they have to keep down the noise when enjoying the comforts of their property. The converse is true as well. And then there is outside noise coming from around the area, with sources including (but not exclusive to) traffic, pedestrians, and passing aircraft. A guest house is usually less insulated from such audible intrusions and depending on where a property is located, temporary residence can be a real pain in the ear. However, when a guest home is built with ICF, the blocks form a barrier that effectively buffers a building interior from outdoor noise. ICF panels with Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam cut fluctuations in air infiltration and noise pollution, creating a quieter environment all around.

Keeps Company in Comfort

The same insulation and thermal resistance that keeps the longterm cost of ownership down, will keep guests in exquisite comfort. The reduced energy expenditure is allowed because insulated concrete form builds keep a space warm and cozy in the autumn, winter, and crisp Alberta spring, but also keeps it cool during a sweltering summer and through those random chinooks.

Guest comfort also comes from providing them with additional conveniences. Wouldn’t it be nice to offer a patio area of their own as well? ICF makes that possible, being a superior building method for decks, porches and solariums.

It seems there is nothing that ICF can’t help you accomplish for your single detached home development, guest houses included.

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