ICF Homes Resale Value

A few months ago we published an article on why Alberta REALTORS®, agents, and agencies are excited about the rise in popularity of ICF homes. We touched on how insulated concrete form construction adds to the longterm value of a home, and thus becomes a more lucrative option for buyers, investors, and the entire real estate industry as a whole.

Yes indeed, nothing perks the ears of prospective homeowners quite like the words “resale value”. That is why we thought we’d provide some deeper insight as to why ICF is the answer to building homes with far greater potential to increase the future market price of a property.

5 Ways Insulated Concrete Form Construction Increases the Resale Value of Residential Properties

1. Buyers Reap Reward of Lower Cost of Ownership

The cost of owning an ICF home is significantly lower than that of a traditionally built one. This feature immediately serves to increase the home’s resale value. Why is this ownership cost so much lower?

For one, ICF homes have a superior R-value (measure of thermal resistance), with NUDURA homes delivering an R-value of nearly 24. This equates a 20-70% reduction in ongoing utility expenditure. Even if a property falls on the shorter end of that scale, the cost savings will run into the thousands as time passes, delivering an ROI that justifies the initial buy-in. Nothing can increase resale value quite like that.

Then there is the reduction in ongoing maintenance. ICF homes prevent mold and mildew growth and are more resistant to damage and pest infestation. By reducing the need for maintenance, you immediately reduce the annual cost of ownership, once again delivering a benefit that you can put a price tag on, a very favourable one at that!

2. Buyer Confidence in Structural Integrity 

The strength of NUDURA ICF blocks, products, and materials not only prevents traditional wear and tear, it protects Alberta homes from natural elements that commonly batter the province. ICF-constructed properties are resilient against strong seasonal winds, storms, tornadoes, freezing temperatures, and even forest/prairie fires.

The sturdy construction provided by ICF also keeps properties safe from manmade intrusion and threat, serving as a fortress that keeps occupants and possessions in comforting arms.

All in all, the structural integrity of insulated concrete form homes adds even greater resale value. But it doesn’t stop there. Keep reading!

3. Selling a Healthier Future for Homeowners

Homeowners aren’t just looking for a brick and mortar space to occupy and store their wares, they are seeking a home that provides them health and wellness for years (if not generations) to come. Once again the building concept delivers, as ICF homes are healthier homes. But don’t just take our word for it.

You see, insulated concrete forms have become a popular choice for medical facility construction. The health benefits are undeniable. Total ICF NUDURA products do not emit CFC’s or HCFC’s, both of which are commonly found in traditionally built homes, and therefore provide improved indoor air quality that lasts through the life of the home. The better the air quality, the better the conditions for current and future occupants alike. Then there is the aforementioned fact that NUDURA ICF materials do not support mold growth, a feature which further supports a healthier indoor environment.

In providing future buyers with a healthier home, you once again add to the resale value of a property. But we’re still not done!

4. Allows for New Homeowner Additions

Prospective homeowners don’t want to feel as if they’re handcuffed to the design of a property. With ICF, the constraints are removed. Does an interested party want to add a guest house on the property? ICF is the answer. How about a new garage or carport? ICF can accommodate. The same is true for decks/porches/solariums, for swimming pools, and so much more.

By creating an environment conducive to future expansion and customization (where space and landscape allows) you increase the resale value of a property.

Thought we were done? Not yet.

5. Green Homes Sell 

The market demand for greener homes is not a trend. Unless we colonize another planet sometime soon, homes that consider their impact on the earth will continue to be demanded by future buyers. The future is one lined with Net Zero homes on every block, with traditionally constructed ones laying in the rubble of the past. Insulated concrete forms lead the way in Net Zero home construction and consequently increase the resale value along the path.

Build for the home buyers of today and tomorrow, by using ICF in your next residential construction project in Alberta. Contact Total ICF today to learn more.