Insulated Concrete Form News

It has been a few months since our last industry news update, but that doesn’t mean the world has stopped talking about ICF – quite the contrary. While we’ve been busy as Alberta’s primary supplier of NUDURA insulated concrete forms, builders all over the continent and across the world have been just as active, adding to the growing number of ICF constructed properties on the planet. Thus, we have put aside some time to share updates and headlines that you can use as further validation that insulated concrete forms are the answer for your next build.

ICF Makes Headlines Across the World in the Early Autumn of 2017

Helping the Caribbean Get Greener

New ICF Developments

image: courtesy of Caribbean Journal

One of the most innovative and sustainable developments in the Caribbean is underway right now in the Grand Cayman Islands. While island communities are often already eco-conscious, they are also more susceptible to environmental impediment. So when a large three-story luxury townhouse complex was proposed for development within Grand Cayman’s Crystal Harbour area, interested parties and governing bodies knew sustainability would be the key to entry.

Thankfully, today’s architects are embracing ICF, which is why in addition to solar panels with geothermal cooling, double glazed windows, LED lighting, energy efficient appliances, and carports with electric car chargers, renowned Italian architect Stefano Napolitani has committed to the use of insulated concrete form construction for the Grand Caymen project. If you didn’t have a good enough reason to visit the Caribbean before, you do now!

Building Better Schools with ICF

New ICF construction projects

image: courtesy of The Exponent Telegram

Over a year ago that we released an article on why ICF is better for new school construction. It looks like someone paid attention in class because to date we are seeing elementary and secondary grade institutions across the globe being built with ICF. More recently, Bridgeport, a city in Harrison County in West Virginia, has broken ground on a new $16.1 million Johnson Elementary School build using NUDURA insulated concrete forms. And while we’d like to say we sparked the interest in using ICF for this particular project, it may have something to do with the state’s previous success with ICF, including Simpson Elementary, Lincoln Middle and Lumberport Elementary.

Big Name Real Estate Developers/Investors Getting on Board

New ICF Developments

image: courtesy of The Post and Courier

This summer we reported on joint venture equity financing firm Kalikow Group, which added an ICF constructed residential complex to their ever-growing portfolio. It seems that the news is even bigger than anticipated, as they continue to make headlines for their upscale 220-residence ICF based complex complete with an expansive country club styled clubhouse (pictured above) in South Carolina. Just this month alone, Pulitzer Prize winning The Post and Courier added to the press, citing not only ICF energy efficiency as being the key to success for this development, but its resilience to the impending threat of hurricanes which are unfortunately so common to the area.

Stories such as these continue to validate the call for all commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential developers to seek out an ICF builder. Will you be one of them? Contact Total ICF to learn more about ICF in Central Alberta today.