ICF Custom Homes Alberta

As the technology surrounding insulated concrete forms grows, so do the applications. We’re seeing ICF being expertly applied to all sorts of industrial, municipal, agricultural, commercial, and multifamily dwelling projects in Alberta, the country, continent, and the world. But for all of this progression, ICF continues to find its truest foundation in custom single family home construction. It’s the reason that residential architects/designers and builders are turning to this advanced concept for their current and future developments. So what’s to credit for ICF being heralded as the optimal means to build a better custom property? Let’s find out.

4 Reasons to Choose Insulated Concrete Forms for Custom Home Construction

1. ICF Accommodates Nuances of a Custom Build

Given that a custom home is designed for a specific client in a particular location and affords the buyer the opportunity to control the layout, lot size, and accessibility, you need a building method that can capture it all in the most efficient means possible. That means you need to be able to adapt to both new and unique requests and be prepared for last minute (a relative term) changes, all the while meeting the demands to have the project completed on time and within budget. When using traditional building methods, this is often not possible, not without extending the expected date of completion and overall spend, and frustrating all parties involved.

However, when committing to ICF for the build, you are working with a building block that allows much speedier construction, and thus a quicker response to new requests and additions, no matter how whimsical. Does the client want a guest house added to the lot? No problem, and it can be done with any sort of exterior finishing the client desires. What about a Game of Thrones styled grotto for the swimming pool? Done. Did they decide that the extra bathroom space would make more sense as a solarium? ICF can help make that happen. What about the last minute addition of a detached carport? Let’s do it! We could go on and on (have we already?) but you get the idea.

2. Offers a Lower Cost of Ownership

Custom home builds come with a bigger buy-in than a home found in a typical single family community. But that doesn’t mean the client does not want to see a annual return on that expenditure. In fact, they’ll appreciate ongoing cost savings wherever viable. Armed with a thermal resistant R-Value of nearly 24, a NUDURA ICF home immediately reduces the required energy expenditure of the entire household, bringing utility expenses down from anywhere between 20 to 70%! Given the sturdier construction of an ICF foundation, the homeowner is also looking at lower future maintenance and repair costs and is more likely to reap the fiscal benefits of a higher safety rating and ultimately reduced insurance claims and premiums. Read more on how ICF lowers the longterm cost of ownership of a custom home.

3. ICF Provides a More Private Home

Clients on the market for a custom home seek departure from the norm, removal from the cookie-cutter single family housing developments popping up all over the province. They want a home that is uniquely theirs, one that keeps them not in seclusion per se, but in solace, an oasis that blocks the proverbial noise from the outside world. While we may be getting into the “fluffy” stuff here, bear with us. ICF provides a much quieter living environment. NUDURA products (supplied by Total ICF) have superior soundproofing properties, boasting a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating as high as STC 50. When you consider that a traditionally constructed property rings in (literally) at around STC 33, you get why custom home owners are turning to ICF to provide them with the quiet oasis they are looking for.

4. ICF Increases the Resale Value of a Custom Home

One of the things that concerns clients investing in a custom home build is the resale value, should they decide to sell at some point in the future. After all, the home is being built to meet their unique requirements. To some, that may make its future release on the market a bit of a challenge. That outdoor pool with a Game of Thrones grotto may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Bottom line, is that when it comes to a custom home, anything that helps ramp up the resale value is a BIG bonus. Thankfully, when a property is built with insulated concrete forms, it comes with characteristics that include a lower cost of longterm ownership, better structural integrity, a healthier living environment, and creates a foundation which actually permits a new buyer to make custom renovations of their very own. Learn more about how ICF increases the resale value of a custom home.

Be prepared to give prospective clients what they need by adopting insulated concrete forms as a key part of your custom home building offering. Contact Total ICF in Central Alberta to learn more.