2018 ICF Builder Awards

Total ICF, Central Alberta’s supplier of industry leading NUDURA products, is proud to announce some very important results from the 2018 ICF Builder Awards. The annual event which celebrates the meteoric rise of insulated concrete forms in the world of construction ran on January 24, in Las Vegas Nevada.

Ignoring the mantra of “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas“, we’re here to recap NUDURA ICF’s award winning performance while providing you with some insight into what their products can do for your custom home construction projects in the years to come.

Total ICF Celebrates NUDURA’s 1st Place Win at the 2018 ICF Builder Awards

Winner “UNLIMITED RESIDENTIAL BEST IN CLASS” – Private Residence in Llano County, Texas

2018 ICF Builder Awards

The word has been out for quite some time that NUDURA ICF is the building block of choice when it comes to building custom luxury homes. Look no further for an example, than with NUDURA’s big win at the 2018 ICF Builder Awards. NUDURA took top spot for UNLIMITED RESIDENTIAL BEST IN CLASS (single-family residences larger than 6,000 sq. ft.) with the McDowell private residence in Llano County, Texas. This breathtaking property is showing builders everywhere (Alberta included) what is possible when building with this particular brand of insulated concrete forms.

For starters, the size says it all. Coming in at a whopping 5,933 square feet, a total of 8,764 sq. ft. of ICF was used to construct the massive property. Given that the 2018 ICF Industry Comparison Chart proves that NUDURA boasts the widest variety of block shapes, sizes and accessories, it seems there could be no better choice but to go with this manufacturer for a home of this size.

Equally impressive, is that at nearly 6,000 square feet of floor space and almost 9,000 sq. ft. of ICF, it took only 68 days to complete installation, validating the fact that insulated concrete forms help you build a home faster.

2018 ICF Builder Awards

The superior ability to shape NUDURA ICF blocks was also instrumental in the impressive build. The custom home features many arch openings and gables, with a combined 70 windows and doors incorporated into the design. The beautiful stone finish found on the walls, halls, archways, and staircases throughout the property also prove how practically any type of exterior wall finishing can be applied to an ICF build.

2018 ICF Builder Awards

A trek around the property not only uncovers a magnificent maze of walkways and a well-manicured landscape, it shows how ICF can be expertly applied to building home extensions, including carports/garages and guest houses.

Everything about this energy efficient custom luxury home is turning heads, not only for builders, but architect and designer firms too, the latter of which are adopting the use of ICF as a faster rate than ever before. This is another reason why the market for insulated concrete forms is currently forecasted with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11% from 2017-2021.

ICF Alberta

Do you envision your own project making headlines at a future ICF Builder Awards? If you operate in the Central Alberta area and have a residential, commercial, industrial, or municipal project in mind, contact Total ICF to get started on building the future, today.