The residential insulated concrete form industry continues to make headlines across the country, continent and planet. Over the past two weeks, Architecture & Design Magazine dropped article after article on ICF, singing praises of both the energy efficiency and acoustic advantages of a home built from the superior building block. At press, industry analysts forecast the global ICF market to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11% from today to 2021, although many experts are considering that to be a modest assessment. And while ICF as a global market player makes for a VERY wise addition to any portfolio, it’s property investors who are really taking notice. Yes, living in an ICF home is an amazing experience, but investing one may be even better. Today, we take a look at the signs of how ICF properties are attracting investment unlike any other residential build before.

4 Things That Tell You That You Should Build ICF Homes to Attract Sustainable Real Estate Investment in Alberta

1. It Provides Buyers with a Greater ROI

The bottom line is the bottom line. Interested parties are far more likely to buy a home that reduces their longterm cost of ownership and there is no better alternative than ICF in this capacity.

For one, monthly energy expenditure is greatly reduced. You don’t have to take our word for it, as this year, the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) and International Accreditation Service (IAS) conducted a study that proved insulated concrete form homes deliver a 60 percent reduction in monthly energy expenditure. If the investor is taking up residence within they will enjoy a lower monthly cost of ownership which will contribute to their future return upon sale. If putting the home on the short term (as a vacation property or Airbnb, etc.) or long term rental market, an owner will enjoy a significantly greater monthly cost savings which equates a larger monthly income and yet again a far better ROI than that provided by a traditional build.

In addition, given the fact that ICF homes can better withstand floods, storms, fires, and all forms of extreme weather and natural disasters (earthquakes included) they boast greater longevity. An investor can therefore be patient and “sit” on the property until the market value peaks their interest to sell, without having to worry about impediment to the condition of the home. Learn more about how ICF reduces the longterm cost of ownership and effectively provides a greater ROI.

2. ICF is Not a Trend, But a Sustainable Necessity

The problem with investing in a trend is that the investment is short lived. If one gets in and out quickly then they can walk away with a handsome profit, but when it comes to real estate, investors seek comfort in sustainability. ICF provides this.

ICF exceeds Alberta’s most up to date building codes regarding energy efficiency, which gives investors peace of mind in knowing that they won’t have to dump tens of thousands of dollars back into the property to accommodate continued updates to provincial and federal codes. Heck, even if governing bodies one day deliver a sweeping mandate to require that all homes achieve NetZero status, ICF will already be there. Investors demand to be one step ahead of the game, and that’s why they find ICF homes attractive,

3. ICF Allows for Seamless Upgrades to Investment Property

There are many new home investors who want to buy in at a lower cost, and add to the property overtime as new investment income becomes available, which ultimately adds to the current and future value of the space. ICF is prime for this, accommodating additions with unparalleled ease. For example, insulated concrete forms can be applied to quickly build a sturdy guest house, a new garage, or add a swimming pool to an existing property, which can add tens of thousands of dollars to the overall value. ICF can also be used to add on a deck, porch, or solarium, which can also increase the dollar value into the thousands. Long story short, the applications of ICF are practically endless, as are the investment opportunities.

4. The Search for ICF Homes is Swelling

The demand for ICF houses from home buyers is growing strong, which is exactly what investors want to see, whether they want to flip the property in two years or 20. The interest from both sides of the coin is spurring REALTORS and real estate agents alike to add insulated concrete form homes to their MLS listings. Look no further than the wonderful world of Google to prove that search for ICF is expanding. Start typing in “insulated concrete form homes f…” and see that it autocompletes “insulated concrete homes for sale” which tells you on the spot that their own algorithms are picking up on this swelling wave of buyer interest. Yes indeed, ICF has arrived and is here to stay.

If you want to build homes that not only attract single family households (etc.) but investors with deep pockets, then you need to add insulated concrete forms to your own portfolio today. If building in Central Alberta, Total ICF is your one-stop source to NUDURA insulated concrete form products, supplies, services, and training programs. Contact us to discuss your entry or expansion into ICF.