In the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve we’re here to address one of the scariest things prospective homeowners face in modern times – a wood frame house. We know, we shudder when we think of it too.

Unfortunately, there are residents and residential builders alike who have not been given fair warning about the impending terror to come for future occupants of a home built from antiquated methods. As a public service, Total ICF has arrived with harrowing tales of all that can befall those who buy into a traditional wood frame home. Warning, you may not want to read this alone.

5 Frightening Things That Prey Upon Owners of Wood Frame Homes (Halloween Edition)

1. The Shivers

Did a ghost just pass through the room? That’s a question you’ll hear often as occupants experience bouts of cold chills in the middle of the night and daytime alike. This is because wood frame homes offer little thermal resistance, marred with an R-value of between R-11 to R-19 at a rare best, while the effective R-Value of a wall dips as low as R-9. Yikes. NUDURA insulated concrete forms however, have an R-Value of R-23.59 and an effective R-Value of a wall of up to R-50, while preventing drafts of any kind from entering the rooms. Simply put, if you’re looking to exorcise the ghostly chills of a cold autumn or winter night in Alberta, only an ICF home will do.

2. The Creatures, Critters, and Crawlers

There’s little scarier than being awoken in the middle of the night to scratching, scraping, slithering, and scurrying sounds from within the walls and baseboards. What sorts of creatures could be navigating the nooks and crannies of a wood frame home in Alberta? Black-masked raccoons, nesting crows, virus carrying rats and vermin along with creepy crawlies such as bullsnakesroaches, beetles, weevils, diamondback moths, and armies of cutworms to name just a few. Traditionally built homes are all susceptible to these unwanted intrusions.

Insulate concrete form homes however, scare away creatures, critters, and crawlers common to our province. This is all thanks to the properties’ concrete barrier, waterproof membrane (keeping pest inviting mold/mildew at bay), and an option to treat the expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam with a wood boring insect specific pesticide.

3. The Screams

That noise outside. What is it? The roar of passing traffic and airplane engines overhead along with the howls of late night rabble-rousers, owls, and howling winds are all a cross to bear for those living in a wood frame home. Traditional builds offer little soundproofing, with wood frame construction on its own resulting in no better than an STC rating of STC-37. NUDURA ICF homes however, will quiet the screams thanks to an STC range between 50-55.

4. The Firestarters


She has no power over your ICF homes

A wood frame home is nothing more than kindle for the fires that ravage Alberta forests and plains and eventually make their way to residential communities. To put an end to the threat, builders are running towards the use of non-combustible ICF structures with a 4-hour fire resistance rating. NUDURA once again comes to the rescue for this 5-alarm concern. Builders can now construct homes that are eight times more fire-resistant than wood frame constructed counterparts.

5. The Most Terrifying of All (proceed with caution)

There’s one thing that strikes sheer horror for homeowners taking up residence in a wood frame home in Alberta. Something that burrows into the soul, resulting in sleepless nights or nightmares for those that are able  to enter into a deep slumber. You guessed it – the monthly utility bill.

The cost of heating a single detached home in the autumn, winter, and early spring can deliver a burden so large that it disposes of all prospects for a disposable household income. But again, those who invest in an ICF constructed home have no need to fret, as the above quoted R-Value of R-23.59 will save them, delivering a monthly cost savings of up to 60-percent. Breathe easy ICF homeowners, breath easy.

If you’re ready to cast out the evil spells and purge the plagues that may come with wood frame homes, start building with insulated concrete forms. Contact Total ICF in Central Alberta today, before it’s too late.