The new year is upon us and on the same token that you’re presumably making resolutions to become a better person you are likely doing the same for your residential construction business too. The pledge to become a better builder and gain new business because of it is directly related to your construction method/s of choice, which is why you will want to consider adopting the use of insulated concrete forms for 2019 and beyond. Below, we detail how using NUDURA ICF can help you achieve some common new year resolutions.

4 Ways Using Insulated Concrete Forms Can Help You Reach Your New Year Goal of Building Better Homes While Gaining More Clients

1. Become a More Energy Efficient Builder

Many residential builders in Alberta are complaining that recent government regulations are hurting an already challenging industry, citing that building codes that make energy efficiency the priority are making it difficult to compete and deliver affordable homes. This is true for those that have yet to solve the dilemma of building energy efficient homes within budget. But here’s the thing – the federal and provincial pressure will not ease up, especially as they attempt to combat public opinion surrounding the Keystone pipeline. In fact, the demand for more energy efficient builds by governing bodies will only increase as we edge closer to a residential landscape that is lined with net-zero housing. Builders can either fold, or comply. And if complying, the only way to compete will be to find a better way to build these properties. The answer lies with insulated concrete forms, a home building concept that is leading the way as a green building solution. Yes, the price tag on the initial offering may be higher than that of a traditional build, but tests have proven that the reduction in homeowner/occupant energy expenditure is so great that the longterm cost of construction and ownership is lower. And that, is what counts most.

With ICF under your proverbial belt, you can market yourself as a green builder with necessary tools to not just build more energy efficient homes, but outright net-zero properties too.

2. Build Homes Faster (without sacrificing quality)

Another significant goal that will help you gain more clients is to build homes faster without sacrificing quality. Adoption of insulated concrete forms can help you accomplish this too, not only without sacrificing quality, but by increasing it. View our complete guide about how NUDURA ICF products will allow you to build residential properties at a much quicker rate than that of traditional homes. Not only will clients be happier, you’ll be able to secure new ones sooner rather than later, fitting more projects into your fiscal annum, year after year, and ultimately increase your revenue and profits accordingly. ICF offers one of the greatest forms of scalability that the industry has ever seen.

3. Offer Greater Diversity

Construction product/service diversity is the key to another form of sustainability. Your contracting business is more likely to sustain success over the years if you are able to broaden your offering and compete with the niche contractors coming to town to take your business. Yes, being able to build more energy efficient homes is a big part of this, but by understanding the many applications of ICF you can market yourself as a better builder for home renovation and extension/expansion projects. For instance, ICF allows you to more efficiently build guest houses, garages, decks/porches/solariums, and so much more. As an ICF builder, you will be able to market yourself as one of the most diverse custom home contractors on the Alberta market. That’s a trait you can take straight to the bank!

4. Build Better Homes

Once again we’re arriving at an inevitable conclusion – ICF helps you build better homes in practically every way. Homes constructed with NUDURA insulated concrete forms offer better thermal resistance and subsequent energy efficiency (addressed above) in addition to better soundproofing, fire protection, storm proofingsecurity, and cleaner aesthetics. All of this makes the purchase of an ICF home a wise investment, which drives residential investment firms to seek out ICF builders for their developments. Position yourself accordingly and you’ll be positioned as one of the most dominant home construction contractors in the province of Alberta.

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