2019 ICF Builder Awards Recap

Here we are nearing the end of January and you know what that means – the 2019 ICF Builder Awards have concluded. Once again NUDURA saw great success in key residential categories, which instills confidence that their building products (supplied in Alberta by Total ICF) will more than serve your construction project needs for years to come. Without further adieu, we present our recap of our industry’s version the Oscars (or more like the Golden Globes, given the “after party” stories we’ve heard).

Total ICF Celebrates NUDURA Wins and Successes at the 2019 ICF Builder Awards



In what may be the most impressive division, NUDURA walked away with a big win, taking home the trophy as the Winner of the coveted Multifamily category. The award winning nearly 200,000 square foot five-story residence which now serves as a student dormitory at Eastern Kentucky University used nearly 91,000 sq ft of NUDURA insulated concrete forms in its construction, taking 74 weeks to complete with an ICF installation time of 75 days – quite the feat for a property of this size. View more on why NUDURA ICF is preferred for multifamily construction projects in Alberta in addition to educational institutions.



NUDURA knocked another one out of the park by cleaning up in the Large Residential category too. Nearly 10,000 square feet of NUDURA insulated concrete forms were used to build the Karnavas residence in Cedar Hill, Texas. The expansive property took 57 weeks to complete, with 45 days allocated to ICF installation, despite numerous corners to work around, requiring ICF T-Intersections. Not only was ICF chosen for its energy efficiency (reducing energy use in the home by 50% thus far) it was desired for its tornado resistant properties. Plus, a panic room was installed in the Karnavas residence, which is yet another application of ICF building technology that is growing in popularity. This large residential construct is so impressive that it won numerous home design awards and was even featured on NBC and the Weather Channel.


2019 ICF Builder Awards

ICF Awards’ “Small Residential” is a category that most builders are taking note of in Alberta as single detached family homes are the focus of the industry in the province. As the leader in ICF systems for house construction in Alberta it makes good sense to see NUDURA make its mark as one of the chosen few. The over 2300 square foot Landry residence in Jasper Tennessee applied NUDURA insulated concrete forms to nearly all of its construction, coming in at 2,784 sq. ft of total ICF (pun intended). Construction was completed in 34 weeks with an ICF installation time of just 7 days, which is impressive considering that the home was built through the winter amidst sub-freezing temperatures. The latter speaks to NUDURA ICF’s unique ability to be applied to winter season construction despite below 0 degree Celsius readings.



This is another very important category for your reference, with community developments popping up all over Alberta. NUDURA placed strong thanks to the Castleton 12-home rental development in Athens Texas, with 1,800-2,000 square feet of ICF used per home, which ranged between 2,300-2,900 square feet in floorspace. Construction per home came in at just 10-12 weeks, with ICF installation accounting for 10 days per property. A safe house was constructed within each.

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