Resources for ICF Builders / Contractors in Alberta

Total ICF provides full support to commercial, residential, industrial, and municipal builders and contractors in Central Alberta. Whether you are already building with insulated concrete forms or are considering adding ICF as a value-added building concept to your growing contracting company a full suite of resources is available to you, right here.

Comprehensive ICF Information for Local Builders

Look no further for information about insulated concrete forms. While the world wide web has lots to say about this building concept, our website is the only resource that caters specifically to the Alberta market. That means we have intimate knowledge about how to apply products, services, and data directly to your project and provide clarity on how it all relates to the geographic, regulatory, and municipal lay of the land (where you’re breaking ground).

Comprehensive NUDURA Product Line for Local Contractors

One look at our product page evidences a full suite of NUDURA products and accessories available exclusively to builders and contractors in Alberta. No piecemeal effort is required. When you work with Total ICF you gain access to the complete NUDURA series of products, services, and related appendages.

Ongoing and Up to Date Support for Builders and Contractors

When you secure products and/or services from our company the relationship has just begun. Relationship is most certainly an apt term. Whether you require related product rentals in the future, training on any element of the building concept, or prefer to learn at your own pace with these instructional videos, we have it all available and on an ongoing basis.

It is also important to note that the industry is growing at a rapid pace, with new technology and news coming down the pipeline at an unprecedented level. To acknowledge this, in support of local contractors, we are maintaining a weekly blog for you to reference at your leisure.

Don’t want to miss anything? We have also set up  social network profiles that you are familiar with in order to keep you in the loop. Follow our Facebook page here, our Google+ profile here, and of course LinkedIn, where you can connect with us anytime.

And of course, we are available to answer any questions you have anytime. Simply call us at 403-887-2214 or complete the form found here.