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ICF Supplier in Red Deer, Sylvan Lake & Central Alberta: SERVICES

We are here to offer total support and complete ICF packages to builders in Central Alberta. Additionally, Total ICF is happy to provide clarification regarding pre-design criteria and design details. From take-offs to delivery on site, through to the completion of your project, we are committed to working with you.

We offer insulated concrete form / block / foundation installation training sessions, and provide installation manuals and certifications of skills.
Learn more about ICF training in the Red Deer / Sylvan Lake area.

NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms Alberta and Red Deer area
NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms Suppliers in Red Deer Alberta

If you have any questions about the specifications, testing of our ICF products, or code approvals, we can provide the answers. If we don’t know the answer- we will find it!

We stock materials, so can quickly supply you with any items you need. Need equipment? Learn more about our Red Deer and Sylvan Lake area rentals and sales of equipment here. We are happy to profile your projects on our website and in social media (with your permission, of course) and provide referrals of your construction services.

We can offer support through training and certification. Already trained but need a quick refresher? Visit our video library here.

ICF Bracing Rental Alberta: RENTALS

You can count on Total ICF to have what you need to complete your ICF construction project in Central Alberta. Whether you choose to rent or purchase we can supply bracing, Zont Systems, vibrators, and rebar bending equipment. From our Red Deer and Sylvan Lake area office we can also supply, through rentals, Nudura’s One Series formwork/jig.

NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms for Red Deer Area Construction
NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms Training Courses in Alberta

ICF Courses and Programs in Central Alberta: TRAINING

Builders- Become a Nudura Trained ICF Installer. Total ICF offers Nudura ICF Installation Training in Red Deer as need and demand dictate.

Already building with ICF?  Call us to find out how Nudura innovation can help you build faster and more efficiently. We can offer product training and certification.

Design Professionals- Offering ICF design enables you to add a valuable service to your repetoire.  We would happily refer homeowners and builders who want to build comfortable and energy effecient homes to your design service.  We can offer a variety of design resource tools and training specifically for designers.  Call us today to find out about free designer training.

Call us for more information and to secure a spot in the next Red Deer and Sylvan Lake area training session!
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